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Do Restaurants need Digital Marketing?

Food is an increasingly social sector.Before embarking on a new culinary adventure, many people take the
time to consult the various reviews and look at the various profiles of the places around them. Honeygo is a Marketing Company that helps in Brand Building for your Business both online and Direct to User Marketing Strategies using our advert Slots on Consumer Products to help Convert even Better ROI

It is no longer the front of the restaurant or the refinement and quality present in the menu outside to attract new customers, but instead the photos published on Internet, which if they find some success, are shared
by the followers to give more and more visibility at the restaurant.

Those who do not make the most of the online world’s opportunities risk seeing their clientele diminish day by day.

It is necessary to develop a digital marketing strategy to attract more customers. It is
crucial to understand whom we are addressing and, therefore, understand our target.

Passing tourists or local families?

Does the restaurant appeal more to young people and university students, or more to people over

Based on this, the restaurant can determine the message it wants to give; that is what to highlight.
What is its strong point? What goal does the restaurant want to achieve thanks to this campaign? For
example, if a restaurant aspires to increase its customers at lunchtime, it will be beneficial to post the day’s
menu early in the morning.

Being active and present on the web, available to provide information to customers quickly, easily reachable,
and visible in Google searches, having and intense creativity mixed with good quality contents are
fundamental ingredients for expanding customer Base.

Guest feedback and two way Interaction was not available to businesses in old times – Make some use of it

The feedback guests provide on comment cards are not visible to anyone but those given online can affect your business a great deal. They have a deep impact on potential customers who search online for reviews related to your business. if you are involved in digital marketing strategies then you can easily handle such reviews and travel related websites will look in your favor rather against you which will help you earn a good repute.

Social media is a powerful way for restaurants of any size to connect with habitual or potential
  • Use Facebook for Connecting
  • Use Instagram for Branding
  • LinkedIn for Interaction with Professionals
  • Use Youtube for Gaining Popularity

Localized Advertisements

Thanks to localized advertisements, restaurants can promote offers by focusing on their proximity to users,
and add other criteria, such as gender, age, and interests. In this way, an ice cream shop in Vizag, will reach customers in the area who are interested in desserts and ice cream. A
gourmet restaurant will reach potential customers over the age of 40 with a strong passion for gastronomy.

Honeygo Marketing Targets Both Online and Direct to User Marketing Strategies using our advert Slots on Consumer Products to help Convert even Better ROI
Honeygo Marketing
Brand Advert On Premium Bottled Water

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


Instagram for Branding

Instagram gives users the ability to post photos and videos by adding a short caption, tagging people, and
geolocazing the post. It is also possible to post stories, which are temporary statuses only available for 24
Stories are a perfect tool for restaurants to showcase different offers and promotions of the day.

Therefore, it is possible to publish the day’s dish, visible only for a few hours, on the profile, adding stickers, tags, and a position to reach as many people as possible. The main goal of social networks is to connect people based on shared interests. What better way to interact with customers than showing in the stories what happens in the kitchen, how products and ingredients used to make the dishes are chosen, and introducing the staff.

Particularly Instagram Posts should be as Professional as far as concerned. It Gives Customers who are into food make a way to Show them The Restaurant’s Passion and it’s Standards.

credit: OliveMumbai

The customer will try the restaurant not only for the proposal of the menu or for the location but also for the
connection created with the place. The restaurant thus becomes part of the customer’s daily life.

Honeygo Conclusion

One of the biggest disasters you can do for your restaurant business is not to develop its brand. A brand helps maintain the identity of your restaurant and also gives the potential customers an idea about the quality and type of food you serve. Digital marketing is effective to maintain the identity and credibility of your brand which will definitely attract customers.

In short, present the restaurant and the people who work there naturally and in a less formal way in order to create an expectation of conviviality and simplicity in the customer and entice him to try it.
In this way, the restaurateur will communicate authentically and demonstrate the passion.

Chose the Best Digital Agency that suits your need.

There is a lot more Depth from Knowing the Niche to Converting users into your Loyal Fan Base and Ultimately into Customers. We have seen and Marketed a bunch of Restaurants and several other Businesses to be successful in their Branding and Revenues as well.

Honeygo Marketing creates a Stunning Brand Presence for you and your Business. We have our inhouse Creative Design Team and Brilliant Digital Marketers Paired with Our hold on wide range of Online Resources.

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